Transgender teen wins lawsuit against DMV

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SOUTH CAROLINA - Everyone wants a good photo when they get their driver's license. For a teenager in South Carolina it is about much more than vanity. It is about identity.

Chase Culpepper is transgendered. She recently sued the state DMV, and won, after she says the agency violated her rights. In March last year, workers at the DMV forced Culpepper to take off her makeup for her driver's license photo. Her birth certificate showed that she was born male. It was up to the discretion of DMV employees whether the makeup counted as a disguise.

Culpepper says, "I have been taught ever since I was little that you should stand up for what you believe in and you should stand up for your rights. And that's what I did." The case went to federal court and a judge sided with the teen.

The South Carolina DMV now says it will allow transgendered people to be photographed how they appear on a daily basis.