Aftershocks rock Nepal, make relief efforts difficult

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KATMANDU, Nepal -  In Nepal, streets are covered in rubble, hospitals overwhelmed, medical supplies running short following the biggest earthquake there in 80 years. But Saturday's devastating magnitude 7.8 quake, wasn't the end of it. A strong magnitude 6.7 aftershock soon rocked the country and other aftershocks continue to wreak havoc.

The death toll continues to climb with more than 2,400 people dead and 6,000 injured. Overnight search teams frantically looked for survivors, rescuing some, fearing  that thousands of others are buried. More rescue teams are on their way from Japan.

On Mount Everest the earthquake triggered avalanches killing at least 17 people. Witnesses say the area is covered by falling rocks and debris, and large sections of base camp have been wiped out.

Among those killed, Google executive Dan Fredinburg, on a climbing trip with friends who survived. He headed the company's Secretive Ideas Lab. His former girlfriend, actress Sophia Bush, said she`s heartbroken, making her one of thousands mourning the loss of so many lives.