Baltimore riots are anything but the ‘new’ civil rights movement

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Grego sounds off on the rioting and looting that has hit the streets of Baltimore in the wake of Freddie Gray's death while in police custody.

"I`m sure like you are, I too am disgusted by what`s going on in Baltimore. A segment of people, the criminal element, looting and burning down their own neighborhoods, for the sake of violence and to get stuff for free. Disgusted that others somehow think this is 'the new' civil rights movement. Did the city of Baltimore`s majority minority government and police department screw up by not communicating to the public the status of the investigation into Freddie Gray`s death... absolutely! In my opinion, by now the story should be out there and charges filed against the uniformed perpetrators of the murder of a suspect in custody. But what we`re witnessing has nothing to do with Freddie Gray. These assorted gang bangers, and thugs are anarchists! The tweet about the 'purge' says it all! I mean would you put your trust in people of your community who one minute are your neighbors and customers of your business and the next, stealing from you and burning you out?! A healthy wariness of cops is a good thing since they represent the boundary or limit to how much freedom you're allowed as a citizen 'by law'!  'Peaceful' protesting is exercising your freedom of speech. The wilding last night and today in Baltimore does nothing to intelligently address excessive force by the police and it needs to be dealt with swiftly and decisively by law enforcement and the National Guard! One of my Twitter buddies Harris CC said it best, it`s just sad how deluded some people are, rioting thinking this is protesting; it- 'sets the human race back decades.'"