Corinthian Colleges close remaining 28 campuses

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SANTA ANA, CA - Corinthian Colleges, Inc., shut down its remaining 28 campuses, leaving thousands of students displaced.

"This morning I woke up to a text message saying to check my email. Opened up my email and it pretty much just said that all the campuses are closed as of tomorrow," said Kelly Bance, a student at Heald College.

The shutdown comes after an agreement with the Department of Education to either close or sell off its locations due to concerns about high-interest loans and misleading information.

Corinthian was fined $30 million by the Department of Education earlier this month for exaggerating job placement rates.

The closures hit campuses in California, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona and Rochester, New York.

"Most of my four credit classes will transfer down to two credits and a lot of them are transferred over as electives, so I won't get the full credit that I think I deserve for all the hard work we put in," said Bance.