Frozen in time: dinosaur eggs discovered in China

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HEYUAN, CHINA - One thing we learned from the Jurassic Park movies is, don't mess with Mama's eggs! Some dinosaur eggs got left behind and forgotten for over 65 million years. That is, until man was lucky enough to stumble upon them.

That's exactly what happened to some construction workers in China. They unearthed 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs while doing road repair work in Heyuan. 19 of them are still intact, with the largest measuring five inches in diameter!

Strange as it sounds, the "egg-stra" special discovery is nothing new for the city. Nearly 17,000 eggs have been found in Heyuan since the first group of fossils was found in 1996 by kids playing at a construction site.

The city won the Guinness world record for the world's largest collection of eggs in 2004. So, if you're ever in country, don't let that exhibit pass you by! Just don't steal any eggs.