James Holmes trial begins, movie theater shooter’s defense team claims insanity

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CENTENNIAL, CO — Nearly three years after James Holmes walked into a midnight screening of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises and began firing, He’s now going to have to answer for the deaths of 12 people and the injured another 70.

As 24 jurors, 19 women and five men, listened to opening statements, it became clear what they must decide isn’t guilty or not, but rather insane or competent. Holmes defense team claims he suffers from schizophrenia, and on that dreadful day back in 2012 he wasn’t in his right mind.

The prosecution isn’t buying it and for the first time it’s been revealed what the two doctors who were tasked with analyzing Holmes determined. Until now, their findings have been sealed. According to the prosecution, both doctors claim Holmes was sane on the day of the shooting.

If he is found guilty, Holmes could become the first person executed in the state of Colorado in nearly two decades.