Train blown over during storms, tracks run again

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NEW ORLEANS, LA - The cleanup continues today for many across the Southeast, days after a weekend packed with destructive storms. An incredible video from just outside New Orleans shows the moment strong winds knocked five train cars off the tracks early Monday morning.

The cars fell 70 feet off the Huey P. Long Bridge, knocking down power lines as they crashed to the ground. Luckily no one was hurt. Emergency crews spent 16 hours getting a hold of the situation and cleaning up dangling power lines. The train's engineer says he was trying to get off the bridge in time, but the storm moved in too quickly.

Now, just a day later, the tracks are in service again. But the cleanup is just getting started. Union Pacific says, fortunately, there were no hazardous materials on board. Construction crews are now hard at work breaking down the train cars and removing them.

Despite a little bad weather, America's economic machine keeps on running.