Watchdog takes down three wrist watches

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BOSTON - You can call her a watchdog, but don't leave a time piece near the Doberman, "Mocha." The dog from Boston was left with a little too much time on her paws when her owner, Jeff, was away which ended with a little too much time in her tummy.

The five-year-old dog managed to get into her owner's drawer of watches when he was away, and ate three of them, leather straps and all.

The gears started turning for Jeff when he realized what was missing from his drawer. He took "Mocha" to a local vet immediately. Vets say it wasn't a minute too soon, either. Docs were able to get all the pieces and leather straps from Mocha's stomach and say she's recovering nicely. So, for now, this little pooch keeps on tickin'.

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