Yogurt goes flying at man who claims he’s straight

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO -   At a Fro-Yo shop in Missouri it seems customer service took a back seat to attitude in an exchange caught on camera. The video shows customer Andrew Caldwell  throwing some bills to the cashier. She, in turn, sent the yogurt flying back to him.

Caldwell says the cashier did it on purpose because she recognized him from a viral video in 2014 in which Caldwell claimed he was no longer gay.

On the tape Caldwell is seen preaching loudly in a church. "I am delivered I don`t like mens no more, I said I like women! women! women! women!! I said women! I'm not gay," he shouted.

Andrew says the cashier recognized him  for his 'less than 15 of minutes of fame' and that`s why she  sent the yogurt flying. The cashier said that's not what happened.

"No that is not true because I am gay, anybody here that I work with knows I am gay,"  said Stephanie Diaz, cashier.

In the end, cashier Stephanie was left with a court date for third-degree assault.

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