Be aware of surroundings: Thieves follow couple from Galleria, burglarize vehicle

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HOUSTON - Celebrating your wedding anniversary is supposed to be fun and memorable, but one Houston couple's 20th anniversary was a nightmare after someone broke into their truck and stole a designer hand bag.

It was partially caught on dashcam video. The victim who doesn't want to be identified, says she and her husband were targeted while they were shopping at the Galleria.

"There was a lady in the store that just caught my eye. She looked out of place. She wasn't shopping," the victim recalled.

After making their purchase, they left the Galleria and drove to a spa appointment. That's apparently where thieves followed them.

The video shows a car entering the parking lot before pulling up next to their truck, where someone gets out to steal the goods.

Glass breaking can even be heard on the video shortly before the man takes off in the suspicious car. Police hope the dashcam video will help them bag these bandits.

In the meantime, try to remember to always be vigilant and proactive.

"If you do happen to get into your vehicle and you are actually driving and you notice that someone is following you, I do recommend that you try to get law enforcement on the line. I do recommend that you not drive exactly home," said Sgt. Jacqueline Fortune with Harris County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention.

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