New baby royal for the people to spoil: A poem

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LONDON, England - It`s a girl, it`s a royal, it`s an heir
Who does she look like, does she have hair?
More importantly, what in the world will she wear?

The little princess is born across the pond
The United Kingdom loves her, they`re immediately fond.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, known as William and Kate
Were sweating it out when Kate missed her due date.
The new baby was born several days late.

She came to the world,  8 pounds 3 ounces in weight
The Town Crier announced it at Saint Mary's hospital`s front gate.

The little princess, now fourth in line to the crown
Pushes her Uncle Harry to fifth person down.

Almost two year old George, her big brother and heir
Came to the hospital with dad  to meet the new spare.

So all is well in the land of the Brits
All`s left now is finding a name that fits.

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