Robot pole dancers featured at technology show; enough said

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LONDON, ENGLAND – Oh, sure, they’ve been around awhile, but pole-dancing robots never get old, or drunk, or demanding, or show up at your office with your wallet expecting another large tip for returning it.

Not that this has ever happened, but, we’re just sayin’: They never get old.

And that’s why they are featured once again at the Inspiration Centraal technology show in London.

British artist Giles Walker designed them in 2012, using car parts, among other things. Probably even a hubcap diamond- star halo. And if you’d like to hire them for your next party, they cost about $3,800 each.

No word if there’s a discount for three-sums, or more-sums.

Tech shows, like the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, use scantily clad “booth babes” to attract visitors, kinda like auto shows.

But unlike real girls, these fake felines don’t care if you haven’t been out of your mother’s basement for several weeks and smell like old cheese and buttermilk.

But they might be impressed with the size of your hard drive, or even how much ram you have. After all, when it comes to computers, size does matter, even with computer-driven pole dancers.

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