National Arson Awareness Week, accelerant detection canines

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HOUSTON - It's National Arson Awareness Week and this year's theme is "Accelerant Detection Canines-Sniffing Out Arson." Canine teams from the Harris County, Pasadena, and Pearland Fire Marshal's Offices gave people a whiff of what these skilled dogs do.

"One thing about these dogs is they have a sense that's 100,000 times more sensitive than the human so these dogs are a great tool for us," said Dean Hensley of the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office.

"He'll go in and he'll conduct what we call a canine sniff or canine examination of the structure," said Greg Bozdech of the Pearland Fire Marshal's Office.  "We don't use the word search because they're not using their eyes, when we're searching for something we're using a different sense, so he's using his nose."

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