Does Duchess Kate set unrealistic post-baby expectations?

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Unless you spent the weekend under a rock, you know there’s a new member of the British monarchy. The baby princess made her royal debut Saturday morning with Kate and Prince William showing her off a few hours later.

You’d think most of the attention would be focused on the newborn princess, but instead everyone is talking about Duchess Kate because of how amazing she looked mere hours after giving birth. Social media being what it is, plenty of people are unhappy about that. Some are even calling Kate out for setting unrealistic expectations of childbirth.

If you’re basing your life expectations on what the Duchess of Cambridge is doing, you may have set the bar too high. Using that logic, she also set unrealistic expectations for weddings too, not to mention the whole marrying-a-prince thing.

Yes, she looks perfect. She’s a member of the royal family. I’m sure as soon as the baby princess was born, a team of beauty experts swooped in to do her hair and makeup. Need I remind you that when Duchess Kate had George, she was criticized in some circles for coming out in a dress that showed her post-baby bump.

This woman lives her entire life in the spotlight and that life, as far as I can tell, is a fairy tale. Kate is a commoner who married a prince and, so far, has lived happily ever after with her little prince and, now, princess. I think (hope, pray) that we’re all grown up enough to realize we cannot judge our lives against fairy tales.

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