NC cop wants $50K from Starbucks for injuries from hot coffee spilled in his lap

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RALEIGH, NC – If you drink coffee, then you’ve probably spilled some on yourself. It happens, but a Raleigh, North Carolina cop says his spilled coffee resulted in surgery and the loss of, well, a lot of things.

Matthew Kohr was in his police lieutenant’s uniform so he could get a free cup of Starbucks coffee, but he says the hot brew burned his crotch when the lid popped off and the cup collapsed.

At issue is whether the warning label on the side of the cup applies in this instance. Starbucks says no, because the coffee was free. Kohr says he had to be in uniform to get the free coffee, and that, he says, constitutes an agreement between himself and Starbucks.

Kohr says his injuries set off his Crohn’s disease, which required surgery to take out part of his intestines. His wife says she’s lost a source of emotional support, her social companion, and her intimate partner.

Kohr wants at least $50,000 to pay for damages, lawyers, and medical costs.

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