Let’s try to be better listeners

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Grego sounds off on how we should be better listeners.

"Lately, I have found myself in conversations where people take over! They push on you how great they are, what they know, what they think, and on and on. I enjoy verbal interaction but dislike when people cut each other's sentences off and don`t allow the other person to finish a thought before they start bloviating about themselves again, to me, it says they don`t care what you`re saying and they`re not listening! It`s so annoying. I don`t do that do I? Ugh, I`d rather just keep my mouth shut. And I know, I give my opinions here every day but I try to make a point, often times relating it to my own life 'without' making it all about me.. again who cares right? With social media, I look at it every day and often times think about posting something and then delete it, thinking who cares! Why clutter the feed with meaningless crap. I think if we can be better listeners, we can learn something, make more friends, get insights that can lead to new points of view and you can even make the person you`re speaking with feel better about themselves. Which in turn will make you feel better about yourself. You just won`t feel the need to brag about it! That`s all I have to say on the subject and now I`m all ears!"

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