Raccoons invade homes in New Jersey

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OCEAN TOWNSHIP, NJ – Maybe it’s just us, but raccoons seem to be kind of creepy, like with that whole mask thing.

Just who do they think they are? The Lone Ranger?

Here’s proof that the raccoon reputation is well-deserved.

Folks in Ocean Township, New Jersey, will gladly testify against them after coming face-to-mask with a family of raccoon home invaders.

Police expected to find a burglar in the attic, but instead found a raccoon. It turned around and burrowed inside the house, requiring an animal control expert to set out traps.

Around the block, a family of raccoon squatters, two adults and a baby, living in another attic.

This is the time when mama coons are looking for safe places to give birth.

Yeah, well, we’ll give ‘em this much. At least they wash their hands after eating. Who knows? They might even put down the toilet seat.

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