Texas woman hosts tea party for registered sex offenders

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DALLAS - One woman's hospitality is rubbing some residents of a Dallas-area neighborhood the wrong way. Judy Safern has not only opened her heart to sex offenders, but opened her home to them by hosting a tea party.

"I did have people say how dare you have invited me. I can't believe you would create a forum to introduce and try to bring honor to perpetrators," Safern said.

She says sex offenders should be able to have healthy discussions about their past.

"I mean the stark reality is the only conversation we have about registrants is, 'Oh my gosh, they're down the road' or 'Oh my gosh, they're here to get my children," said registered sex offender Josh Gravens.

Safern further stated, "Sometimes they do live across the street and I want instead of the whisper campaign, 'Oh there's a sex offender in our neighborhood', come meet them, find out, hear their story. Be willing to find out.

Her cup of forgiveness may runneth over, but that might not be so easy for her neighbors.

An invitation to a tea party with a group of convicted felons? Definitely not everyone's cup of tea.

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