Violent night in southwest Houston, 16-year-old shot and killed on northeast side

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HOUSTON - Police believe heavy gang activity was responsible for multiple shooting scenes and even one death in southwest Houston.

The violence started with a drive-by shooting on the 11500 block of Beechnut. No one got hurt at that scene, but in retaliation, police say a group of guys drove a couple of miles down the road to a party where some known gang members were hanging out and started shooting.

The gang members fired back. No one at the party was struck, but a guy riding in the car that started the gunfire was shot in the head. The driver of the car sped off with the victim and got into a wreck, but kept going.

The driver eventually pulled into a nearby strip center where police responded to the scene. The victim was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Over on the northeast side of town a 16-year-old boy was gunned down by a group of men after he went for a joyride in his dad's pick up truck. It happened on the 8900 block of Burl Street.

Cops say the teen took his dad's car without permission to go scoop up a friend and say while he was on the phone with his friend, he was confronted by several suspects in another car.

Shots were fired and the boy was shot in the head. The suspects left him in the street and took off with the SUV.

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