Be thankful to be in Texas

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Grego counts his lucky stars that he is in the Lone Star State.

"Take some time to thank your lucky stars you`re in Texas! Hmm, suddenly I have a hankering for a plate of BBQ! But really, we live in the greatest state in the union if you like your freedom and elbow room, subdivisions not withstanding. Yes, there`s the obvious, more jobs, cost of living, low taxes, no state income tax, and lower housing costs. But there are those things 'we' know that apparently word is getting out about causing people to run for the Texas border! Texas is family and very kid friendly! Texans are laid back and accepting. San Antonio, in fact, is home to the largest community of gay parents. Look at the diversity of geography and climate zones within our state, offering something for everyone and with six of the country's twenty biggest cities, plenty of activity to keep people happy and weird! Thanks Austin! Getting back to the freedom our state affords, we have fewer rules, so you can do pretty much do what you want as long as you`re not disturbing the peace. I`ve never heard cops described as peace officers anywhere except Texas! Statistically, it`s said that people don`t leave Texas, estimates are three-quarters of people born here stay here. I consider myself lucky, I`ve left home a couple of times and I always come back . For me, Texas is as comfy as an old pair of boots!"