Best breakfasts in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX - For many folks, breakfast is the best part of waking up. It gets your day started off right and "sets the tone for the rest of the day," according to Aaron Lyons, owner of the Dish Society restaurant on San Felipe.

He should know. His restaurant was chosen by Houstonia magazine as having one of the best 13 breakfasts in our city. Dish Society created their celebrated dish-- brisket and eggs with smoked Gouda grits-- after they started serving brisket and were looking for additional brisket dishes to include on the menu. It has since become their number one seller for breakfast and brunch.

Another Houston breakfast favorite is the kolache. Randy Hines, who took over the Kolache Shoppe on Richmond last year, says the Czech treat is loved for two reasons. "It's a great connection to heritage, and the heritage specifically of Houstonians, and a look to the future," he says. Kolaches are "so versatile," he explains, "because we get to put artisinal fillings in them. We personally put cajeta which is a Mexican caramel in ours." That's just one of the fillings he's added to the menu since he took over the 45-year-old shop. Others include brisket, lemon creme and this month, chorizo and eggs in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Barbara Inaba, has been a loyal Kolache Shoppe customer for 41 years. "You have to have your treats in life, and these are a treat," she says, after placing her order and before heading out for her morning jog.

Another treat, according to Houstonia's list, is the Vietnamese steak and eggs at Blacksmith in Montrose. The dish consists of cubed steak cooked in a comal, a flat iron griddle, served with grilled onions and topped with fried eggs and chicken liver pâté. French bread and a small salad are also included. Blacksmith regular Paul Brewer describes it as "really good... like a Bánh mì in sort of a stew."

The traditional Vietnamese breakfast dish is served all day long at Blacksmith, something co-owner David Buehrer says was always in the plan when he opened the restaurant in the building that used to be home to the gay leather bar Mary's. "They call it the most important meal of the day," the nattily dressed Beuhrer explains, "and sometimes that happens at 7am and sometimes that happens at 3pm."

For the complete list of Houstonia's best breakfast spots around town, check out their latest issue.