Boy drowns in Brazoria County pond

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ANGLETON, TX - Life can change in an instant. In just a matter of hours, a family in Brazoria County went from celebrating a birthday to planning a funeral.

A family from Washington, D.C. had just arrived at a relative's home in Angleton Wednesday night to celebrate a family member's 90th birthday. They were unloading their car, when their three-year-old son slipped away unnoticed.

After hours of searching, Brazoria County Sheriffs asked to see surveillance video, and that's where they saw the little boy wondering to the back of the property, in the direction of a pond. They pulled his body out early Thursday morning. An autopsy will be performed, but it looks like this was just a tragic accident.

Just last month, a little girl was celebrating her 5th birthday in Kemah, when she fell into the water and drowned. These two tragic cases show why it's so important to keep a close eye on your babies no matter where you are, but especially around water.