Family cat in Katy mutilated, left in neighbor’s yard

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KATY, TX - Our pets are part of our family. Such was the case with the Contreras' cat, David.

Gail Contreras shared that, “He was the probably the favorite pet of the house for the ten years that we had him... Everyone in the neighborhood loved him too.”

On March 31, the Contreras' neighbor looked outside her kitchen window to a terrible realization.

The cat was found in two separate pieces, in her neighbors back yard.

At first, the assumption was a wild animal might have been responsible, but a visit with the vet led to a terrible theory.

“He said `oh no, that was a human that did that to your animal”.,,”I`m scared, I have children... I would suspect that someone would have to be seriously mentally ill to harm an animal like that,” says Contreras.

Neighbors inside this gated community of Bayou Pines in Katy, believe the possible psycho might have come from over their brick fence that backs into a public street.

Franci Joncic, the neighbor who found the cat says, “I got really freaked out, that somebody was in my yard...we`ve put up some cameras.”

The Fort Bend County Sheriff`s department was notified and is investigating. Anyone with information that could help them in the case, please call the Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477).

“I mean he was a member of our family you know I think that it should be a pretty severe punishment for whoever has been doing this,” Contreras shared.

Hopefully cops can figure out who, or what is responsible so that something like this never happens again.