Gay bashing in New York City, at this day and age?

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NEW YORK, NY - Many may be surprised to see an attack on a gay couple, at this day and age at a New York BBQ joint. The gay couple, victims of bashing while out celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

Video of the attack went viral, but some folks we spoke with weren't surprised at all.

"I`m not surprised because that kind of stuff always happens. People are always mean about a lot of stuff," said Rakeshia.

"It`s uncalled for and it`s unjust. God sees everything and we`ll be judged for it," according to Gene Massey.

Wendy Massey explained, "What they don`t understand, they criticize and judge so it doesn`t surprise me at all."

Bobby Depper think prejudice against the gay community exists across the country, "It`s going on pretty much in almost every city in the United States. Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, it`s a problem and people need to be more vigilant about what`s going on. The businesses in the community also need to step up and make more awareness of what`s going on as well."

But if you saw an attack happening right in front you, would you step up?

"I would have to at least interject as far as trying to stop it or get the authorities involved. Somebody needs to be involved...if you stand aside you`re just as guilty as the party that`s doing it," Travon Neal said.

John Baker was more concerned, "I`m not one to sit back and not do something but then again, you never know when somebody is going to pull out a pistol and shoot you man."

Unfortunately, an attack like this may not be surprising, but all the folks we spoke with agree, it`s just sad.