214 girls rescued from Boko Haram pregnant

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SAMBISA FOREST, NIGERIA - Nigeria is fighting back against its homegrown Islamic extremists. Video from the Nigerian Air Force shows Boko Haram militants fleeing Sambisa Forest, once a stronghold, now destroyed. Women and children held hostage, now freed, but the horror continues.

Among 534 rescued, 214 have returned pregnant, many by their captors. They have utterly heartbreaking stories to tell about how they were turned into sex slaves, and forced to marry their rapists. Many have died of hunger and disease. Children ripped from their parents, and forced to fend for themselves.

The situation is horrendous, but the Nigerian military is starting to turn the tables on Boko Haram. However, chasing the militants out of Nigeria means they simply flee across the border to Cameroon and Niger, where the influence and support of the Islamic State is far from over.