Horribly offensive game pulled from website

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LOS ANGELES, CA - A repugnant and distasteful video game called "Kill The F****t" was recently pulled down from a game-sharing website for violating the terms of service.

It's not hard to see why.

"KTF" has a shooting-gallery style where players get points for killing gay people who walk across the screen making jokes about AIDS and prison rape. Players get even more points for killing transgender people, who appear in dresses, making jokes about re-assignment surgery, and lose points for killing straight people.

The man who created the game also promotes a Christian footwear company, whose website has since been taken down. It seems he was simply trying to be provocative, publishing a statement saying that he was "making the most overly offensive game possible... to prove a point."

It is not a particularly compelling or well-made experience, strictly by gaming standards.

We understand wanting to fight back against the P.C. police, but let's not take it to this extreme. Now you just look like a horrible person.