Hurricane season is almost here: Are you ready?

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GALVESTON COUNTY, TX - With hurricane season just over a week away, Galveston County is counting down, and it seems none too early as the first subtropical storm, Ana, sits off the coast of the Carolinas.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, explained, "The season hasn`t even started and we have a named storm already. That`s what we want to let people know that don`t plan on having seven days always to get prepared and evacuate, it may come up a lot faster than that."

The county got together with Clear Channel Outdoor to put up billboards to help get residents ready for the upcoming season.

"You`re concerned every year, they tell you that you`re going to have 15 and seven of them are going to be large and you get all paranoid and then only two or three hit, and then the year that they say only five or six are coming and two of them hit. You`ve got to be prepared every season," according to Bob Cummins, Mayor of Kemah.

So, how should you get ready?

"Make sure you know what`s going on and especially watch these new billboards that we have available to us, six now in our county. Always have at least a half a tank of gas and the one thing that people forget about is medication. Make sure you`ve got enough of the medication that you may be on to last you for 30 days," added Henry.

"When it`s time to evacuate, it`s time to move and it`s no time to try to play hero," said Cummins.

The billboards just make it easier to stay informed.

Lee Vela of Clear Channel Outdoor explained, "We work with the Homeland Security Offices in four counties to be able to put up emergency messaging, when and if we have another situation like a hurricane."

You never know when a hurricane will head our way, so get ready.