Parents concerned over HISD overcrowding, rezoning

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HOUSTON, TX- You'd think full classrooms would be a good thing, but unfortunately, in the Houston Independent School District, classes are too full! That's why HISD is working to re-adjust attendance boundaries at almost two dozen schools.

The district says this move is in response from the Texas Education Agency, which requires kindergarten through fourth grade classes to have no more than 22 students per classroom. On Thursday night, parents whose children attend Lyons, Burbank and Northline Elementary took the opportunity to make their voice heard.

Concerned parent Rosa Rivera said, "We hope they listen to us, have to do something better for us. Try to improve the schools.''

HISD spokeswoman Holly Huffman said, "We are listening to the parents and really taking into consideration what concerns they have before we present a proposal to the board."

The HISD Board of Education is expected to consider the proposal during their regular monthly meeting on May 14.  It's time for parents to add their two cents to the discussion if they hope to solve this tricky equation.