Tornadoes and earthquakes rattling North Texas

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DENTON, TX -- The people up in North Texas better hang on to their ten-gallon hats for a few more days. Forecasters expect more nasty weather coming in behind a couple of days of tornadoes and flooding.

Several twisters did a Texas Two-Step through Wise, Denton, and Cooke counties with no immediate reports of injuries.

Hail that looked to be the size of Ping-Pong balls danced around Denton.

And there was plenty of lightning to keep things interesting. A fire started when a natural gas well exploded in Denton. Police think lightning hit it.

Severe weather may be to blame for a freight train derailment in Cooke County early this morning.

Four engines and 17 cars went off the tracks, injuring four crewmembers. Two of the engines wound up in a lake.

Earlier in the week, an Oklahoma City mother of five drowned when she got trapped in her underground storm cellar during the city’s first flash flood in history.

Meantime, the folks in north Texas have to watch the ground as well as the sky.

A 4.0 magnitude tremblor hit Venus Thursday night, just south of Mansfield and west of Midlothian. It was felt as far away as Austin.

It was the fifth, 2.0 or higher quake in five days for the region, keeping people there asking “What the frackin’s going on?”