A day at the beach turns into Mother’s Day mayhem in Massachusetts

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REVERE, MA – Remember the good old days when a beach party meant laughing, loving, and living it up with Franki, Annette, and the gang?

A Mother’s Day at the beach in Revere, Massachusetts, was no party. In fact, it could be called a Mother’s day mayhem.

Nick Stevenson saw it all. "Somebody stole a purse. Someone got arrested. It was as soon as the police handled someone that everybody would go insane."

Those swingin’ and surfin’ California kids are into hanging ten at the beach, but Massachusetts cops were busting nine at Revere Beach. They think about 300 were involved int he brawl before the day was over.

“Two girls were fighting with each other, and they both got arrested and another girl came and punched a cop in the face,” Stevenson said.

Cops from surrounding cities came in to help break things up and to save what was left of Mother’s Day.

"Everyone should be with their mothers celebrating and they're here fighting, throwing bottles at the cops?” noted one bystander. “Especially after what happened in Baltimore?"

A beach brawl may not be the same as a riot, but in either case, cops always end up drawing a line in the sand to restore order.