Don’t let race be the great divide

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Grego sounds off on seeing the world in just terms of black and white.

"Racist comments can't be tolerated. That whackado principal`s quote, 'look who's leaving, all the black people' at graduation - ruining - onstage -verbal diarrhea in Georgia was disgusting and so ignorant! When displays of hate are overt like that, although people have the right to say those things, the public makes sure to call them out and let them have it! Now, here`s a question, can people be too sensitive? For instance, should people be accused of racism for their actions? The owner of a local restaurant, at lunch last week came around to tables asking guests how everything was - three tables still eating (mine included) he spoke to, the table not eating and getting ready to pay, two black women, he didn`t. When he walked away, both ladies shook their heads in disgust and proceeded to tell the waitress he was racist for ignoring them. He followed them out to the parking lot! Pretty sure they worked it out. Was it fair for the women to assume his actions were motivated by race and not just people at tables still eating versus not eating - to see if guests had everything they needed? I don't know, thing is, we have recent news events and politics to blame for escalating racial tensions. People are on edge. I feel, one on one, people are people and I think we should do our best not to allow outside noise to cause us personally to come at situations with preconceived notions. carrying all that negativity around will put you in a bad mood. It can steal your happiness! But maybe, if in our social interactions we can remember to approach one another with loving hearts and open minds it'll de-escalate heightened emotions. Then for sure, our actions will speak louder than words!"