Elderly man attacks elderly neighbor over doorbell malfunction

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WEST BOCA, FL - Retirement communities aren't all sunshine and relaxation, even in the Sunshine State. For one woman, it was downright scary after her neighbor lost his temper over a doorbell malfunction.

Police say there was some sort of wiring issue that made 82-year-old Julius Mariasis' doorbell go off every time his neighbor's doorbell went off. Apparently, his neighbor had a lot of visitors. So seemingly fed up, he walked on over to 81-year-old Diana Willis-Morse's unit and barged in. Things escalated quickly and Julius grabbed Diana by the neck and attacked her.

The poor lady is okay, just a bit shaken up. Julius was arrested and charged with battery. Maybe he needs to put that bad temper into retirement!

That's how this grumpy old man became our Dumbass of the Day!