Police charge 4 people in connection with murder of 2 Mississippi police officers

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HATTIESBURG, MS – Mississippi police say they have the four people involved in the cold-blooded killings of two Hattiesburg police officers, and they’ve charged two of them with capital murder in the weekend shootings of 34-year-old Benjamin Deen and 24-year old Liquori Tate.

Police say officer Deen was conducting a traffic stop Saturday night when he called for backup. Some time after officer Tate arrived, someone shot the two officers.

Both of them died at the hospital from their wounds.

Police say brothers Curtis and Marvin Banks stole one of the police vehicles and used it as a get-away car.

Police charged Marvin with two counts of capital murder, and they charged his brother Curtis with being an accessory.

The mothers talked about their sons, one a dead officer, and the other accused of his murder.

“If I could say or face the people who did this to my son, I would let them know you took something very valuable away from me. But in that I will still forgive you,” said Youlanda Ross, the mother of Liquori Tate.

Mary Smith, the mother of the Banks brothers, says her sons don’t like cops, and she claims Marvin was high on the fake marijuana, spice. “He was on them drugs. On that spice. He wasn't the same Marvin.”

Members of the Hattiesburg community and police officers held a candlelight vigil for the officers, the first to die in the line of duty there in 30 years.

Meantime, a Subway employee in Laurel, Mississippi, is looking for a new job. Subway fired her after posts she apparently put on Facebook that celebrated the murder of the police officers and seemed to call for riots.

Apparently, some people think the idea of “all lives matter” doesn’t count when it applies to police officers.