Vancouver man posts detailed message to Facebook about how he killed his family

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VANCOUVER - What do you get, when you mix two crime scenes, various shootings, a fire, and four people dead with a very detailed Facebook post? You get a recipe for tragedy.

Randy Janzen committed suicide by burning his family home to the ground. This, after authorities say he admitted to killing his daughter, wife, and sister in a Facebook post.

Janzen writes about fatally shooting his 19-year-old daughter Emily who suffered from migraines, “I took a gun and shot her in the head…now she is migraine free.” The post also says he shot his wife, Laurel, ”because a mother should never have heard the news her baby has died.”

Then, according to the post, Janzen killed his sister Shelly because he didn’t want her to live with the shame. It’s unconfirmed whether of not the Facebook post was actually written by Randy Janzen.

What we do know, murder is never the answer.