Go Fund Me for Patriot’s million dollar fine?

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Move over Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots are working hard at becoming the most hated team in America. The NFL decided to suspend big-cheater Tom Brady for four games and fine the team $1-million for Brady's role in using under inflated footballs during their playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts last season. A penalty most of us thought was well deserved.

However, Pats fans reactions are proving they really are blowhards. In New York City at the NFL Headquarters, New England fans marched outside with signs while others cuffed themselves together in the lobby to show their disdain.

The real kicker, though, is who is trying to foot the bill for that million dollar fine. Pats fans started a Go Fund Me page to raise the money.

Keep in mind that the four game suspension without pay is probably enough to cover the million bucks.

It's time someone tell these rule-breakers, "Go FUND yourself!"

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