Medpod brings doctor’s office to you, in any language

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HOUSTON, TX - Finding a doctor in a medical industry hub like Houston isn’t hard, but that’s not the case everywhere. And even in Houston, as diverse as it is, sometimes the language barrier between doctor and patient creates another healthcare hurdle. Medpod and MasterWord services were in Houston today to show off their answer to both of those challenges.

Medpod is a mobile unit armed with nurse facilitated telemedicine stations that connect patients electronically to doctors, of any specialty, all over the world. Even in areas overseas with limited resources or recovering from a natural disaster.

And even if English is your second language, with information as important as medical terminology, having a medical interpreter trained in the language you know best is invaluable. And the technology developed by MasterWord services gives you just that.

“All they need to do is click on the interpreter button, and then select the language, and then a live interpreter actually joins the video conferencing call, even though the doctor is somewhere else, the patient is somewhere else, and the interpreter is somewhere else,” says Mirna Bonales of MasterWord services.

And with Mother’s Day fresh on the brain, the holiday also kicks off National Women’s Health Week, Medpod has that covered too.

Dr. Vic, Sr. Medical at Medpod explains, “We do pap smears, we can do ultrasonography of the breasts, of the ovaries as an initial screening procedure, and we can reach women that would normally not have access to these critical examinations.”

So whether it’s addressing the needs of a natural disaster’s aftermath, or reaching the most remote areas of America, this next level of telemedicine stands to change the game here, and abroad.

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