Police still trying to decide who to arrest in latest George Zimmerman shooting incident

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LAKE MARY, FL – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is a classic film starring dueling gunfighters. Well, down in Florida, they have two out of three: George Zimmerman and Matthew Apperson.

Zimmerman is the guy acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Apperson is the guy who took a shot at Zimmerman this week during an alleged verbal confrontation.

The question police have to figure out is whether Apperson is telling the truth when he says he shot at Zimmerman in self-defense after Zimmerman pointed a gun at him.

Kenneth Cornell is the guy who called 911. “He's like ‘My name is Matt Apperson. I've been in this couple -- three disputes with this guy. He was driving down the street. He waved the gun at me and that's when I shot him.’"

But Zimmerman’s lawyer Don West says that’s not what happened.

“When George recognized him, realized who he was and what he was saying, he rolled his window up decided to get away, not to provoke him whatsoever and the fellow followed him, followed him around the U-turn and pulled up next to him and shot him."

Last September, Apperson told police Zimmerman tried to kill him during a road-rage incident, but Apperson didn’t file charges.

Local TV stations report that one of Appleton’s neighbors says he has threatened her and that she’s called the cops on him three times in the past month.

So now, it’s up to Lake Mary police to figure out which of these two shooters is shooting straight this time.

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