Tom Brady tarnished his image with Deflategate

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Grego sounds off on the punishment the NFL handed down to the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady.

"A four game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady, a one million dollar fine and loss of two draft picks for the Patriots, a punishment that could affect the team for years to come. Makes you wonder, if just criticized for as of late, Tom Brady was somehow involved in deflating footballs. He hasn`t admitted it, but we know, (and you and I both knew right here a long time ago) an unfortunate but revealing example of what happens in one`s personal journey when you come at any endeavor - be it sports, business - whatever, with a lack of integrity. Not only did Tom Brady`s actions disrespect himself and the game, but his dishonesty, his cheating - affects the entire team and each man on it, consequences rippling outward impacting families, futures and many lives, the shrapnel puncturing 'more' holes in the even less respected letters NFL. If one has a conscience and understands all that, you do whatever you have to avoid being the `one` to let your team down. The New England Patriots will have plenty of time to think about it and for their sake hopefully learn what it means to act like good humans. A long, very painful lesson in integrity."

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