Bye-Bye Birdie

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Grego says bye-bye to a birdie and has something to say about love.

"The following video may overload the 'cute' receptors in your brain. This bird wandered into my garage over the weekend stuck in the brooms and rakes bird 0513chirping as if sounding an alarm. Mom didn`t come back and it couldn`t fly so I took over. Sunday, got him meal worms to eat. Sunday night he sat on my chest and when I rubbed him behind his eye, he`d relax, stop chirping and fall asleep. We bonded. When I left to come to NewsFix on Monday, I had fed him, cleaned his box and he was good. Cutting to the chase, my oldest daughter texted me Monday afternoon to tell me something happened and the bird was not doing well. Contractors and a loud tile saw in the garage may have had something to do with it, I think. I buried him Monday night. Love is a funny thing. Overnight I fell head over heels and was determined to give it rehab and a life. A pet bird and please I ask you reserve criticism over the legality and how the average person shouldn`t rehab a bird. I know. I told a friend who recently had his heart-broken by a woman, 'It indeed is better to have loved than lost than never loved at all.' It really is a consuming and very satisfying human emotion everyone should feel! Love for a person or an animal notice I didn't say thing even when your heart is broken, and although it hurts your heart bad. Still, we live to love again. So RIP in peace little.. baby.. the tears I shed over you reminded me I can still feel and that life is more fulfilling when we do for others out of love!"