Cell phone cameras capture beatings of girl on school bus

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LANDOVER, MD – A school bus full of elementary students on their way home in Landover, Maryland, seemed innocent enough, but the innocent scene quickly turned to one of taunts aimed at a nine-year-old girl.

Saraia Collins’s pleas to be left alone only caused the girls to be more aggressive, and then their verbal assaults turned physical, resulting a them beating her.

The bus driver didn’t stop the bus or try to stop the beating.

"Even if it isn't his job to break up fights it's still his job to try to prevent it,” said Collins.

The school suspended the girl doing the punching. It’s also investigating the driver and talking with the other witnesses.

Saraia’s mild concussion will heal, but the emotional wounds may last a long time.

In Baltimore County, Maryland, dozens of teen thugs savagely beat 61-year-old Richard Fletcher when he tried to stop a fight between two girls on top of his car.

He ended up with a bleeding brain, broken eye sockets, a broken nose, and broken ribs.

"The only thing that this man wanted was for the girls to stop fighting and the juveniles to move away from his car and he was brutally attacked for that,” said Cpl. John Wachter of the Baltimore County Police.

Five teens now face trial as adults on charges ranging from theft to attempted murder.

Nobody died this time, but the next time might have a whole different ending.