Search crews find body of man swept away by flood waters in Clear Lake

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UPDATE (5-14, 4:45pm) - Harris County Precinct 8 announced that they have recovered a body in their search and it is that of 36-year-old Nurul Alam Chowdhury who went missing yesterday after flood waters swept him away in Clear Lake. Earlier in the day, search crews had found the missing vehicle of Chowdhury.

He went missing after getting on the roof of his car when flood waters had immobilized his car. He was waiting for rescue when he fell into the flood waters.


UPDATE (5-13, 8:45pm) - At this time, Harris County Precinct 8 has suspended search efforts for the evening and will resume again after daylight tomorrow morning. Rescue teams have not yet located the vehicle or the victim in this case.

Missing: Nurul Alam Chowdhury

Missing: Nurul Alam Chowdhury

The man was identified by his employer and family as 36-year-old Nurul Alam Chowdhury who is 5’10” tall with black eyes and black hair and weighs approximately 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a grey or blue T-shirt, blue jeans, and glasses. He has been entered as a Missing Person into the Texas and National Crime Information Center databases.


CLEAR LAKE -- When you live in a city that's prone to hurricanes, you may not be alarmed by rain. But this is nothing to scoff at: as we speak, crews are looking for a man who was swept away by flood waters overnight in the Clear Lake area.

Just after midnight, a Harris County Constable's sergeant says he saw a car in a ditch along state Highway 3 near Clear Lake City Boulevard. He says he watched as a man crawled out of the sunroof and sat on the roof to be rescued. But then the car shifted, and the man fell over. He hasn't been seen since.

A search remains underway. The victim’s identity remains unknown.