New York police shoot man trying to attack officer with a hammer

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NEW YORK, NY – New York City police are looking to drop the hammer on some Big Apple hooligans. And they started with the guy they think used a hammer on four women.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says cops shot the suspect as he tried to attack a female officer. "As the two officers approached, the suspect immediately pulled out a hammer, and directly behind me in the street is that hammer, and attempted to assault a female officer with the claw end of that hammer.”

Her partner shot the attacker twice. The attacker and the officer ended up in the hospital where both are expected to survive.

Central Park was the scene of three muggings over the weekend.

A gang of more than a dozen teenagers was responsible for the most violent of the attacks. Police say this band of baddies approached a man and woman near a playground. Someone punched the woman in the face while someone else threatened them with a knife and possibly a Taser before robbing them of their cell phones.

Earlier this month, a subway worker escaped serious injury from an explosion as he cleared the tracks of a garbage can apparently put there by the self-described “Subway Conquestors."

The gang is a rogue offshoot of subway enthusiasts.

Other video shows a possible teen member opening the door of a subway car, then walking away without closing the door; sitting at the controls of a crew cab; and standing in the middle of flames somewhere in the subway system.

Police arrested a sixteen-year-old last month and charged him with criminal mischief, arson, and reckless endangerment.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority says the Subway Conquestors have changed destination signs, stolen equipment, and surfed moving train cars.

No one’s been hurt or killed, but it’s just a matter of time before someone gets his ticket punched.