Great to see Clutch City, part deux

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Grego sounds off on Clutch City as the Rockets make an amazing comeback to beat the Clippers to advance to Western Conference Finals.

"Clutch City Part II! Congratulations to the Houston Rockets on beating the odds and coming back from three games to one to win the series against the L.A. Clippers! Believe it!! There really is something to this Clutch City thing as out of - what is it nine teams to come back from a 3-1 deficit, the Rockets have done it twice!! I wonder if it`s because even the players get tired and po`ed with the complete lack of respect from the national media and play-by-play guys Houston gets! Super frustrating and hard to listen to isn`t it?!!! But revenge sure was sweet yesterday when the ABC crew became noticeably less excitable when it began to look like the Rockets were gonna win! Big congrats to all the players and coach Kevin McHale! He`s a great leader, the night in L..A. last week when the Rockets were struggling before the big comeback at the end, I loved how McHale in the timeout huddle - very matter of fact sort of way said to the guys something like, 'what happened, we`re playin` basketball guys, we`ve been doing it our whole lives' etc. I don`t remember the rest but it was the right thing to say at that moment to get into the heads of his team and it worked! A huge accomplishment for the Rockets organization no matter what happens, but of course we`re pushin to go all the way! Tuesday night the series begins with Golden State in Oakland, and surprise.. haters gonna hate.. Golden State is favored to win it all! But let`em talk.. Clutch City feeds off it!"