Harris County Office of Emergency Management cancels their hurricane readiness press conference due to inclement weather

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HOUSTON, TX - Hurricane season is almost here, we think? That's because Houston's annual event: "What to do during cyclonic activity in the gulf" official briefing took an ironic twist. Harris County Office of Emergency Management canceled its press conference which is supposed to inform folks on what to do in times of inclement weather "because" of inclement weather. Now isn't that ironic?

But before you come down too hard on Harris County for bailing on the presser, just know their event was to have taken place outdoors, to showcase a virtual countdown clock on a digital billboard. Still, people we spoke with thought it was funny to postpone a weather press conference, because of weather.

So not letting a little rain keep us from informing the public, we braved the elements to talk to Judge Emmett himself, who said, "We were going to unveil the hurricane season billboards. The irony is of course, i woke up early this morning, thunder, lightning, heavy rain and so we ended out canceling the outdoor event."

And to show this rain delay hasn't dampened his sense of humor, Judge Emmett went on to say, "I was willing. I could have put on a slicker and gone out there. But you know you media types, you would've whined about having your cameras get wet, so we decided to cancel it and put it off to another time."

The county will try again next week, weather permitting. In the mean time Judge Emmett and team wants the residents of Harris County to know they do all that they can to protect their citizens, come hell or high water.