Nanny cam captures trio tying up woman, robbing her

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OVERLAND PARK, KS -- Nanny cams are meant to give working parents some peace of mind, but what a hidden camera caught inside a college student’s apartment in Overland Park, Kansas is truly terrifying.

A young mom answers the door and is ambushed by  three people looking to rob her. Katie O’Connor believes she was set up after telling a friend she wanted to sell a set of nice tools her ex boyfriend had left behind.

Soon after that conversation, she found herself in a choke hold. Katie had installed the nanny camera months earlier to keep an eye on her young daughter, she never dreamed it would one day film a violent encounter.

One of the men held her down while a second man, and another woman ransacked the place. They got away with Katie’s cash, a safe, and the set of tools that likely attracted them in the first place.

Katie didn't know the two men, but did recognize the woman with them. She says their children have even played together, making the situation all the more troubling.

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