President Obama bans sale of some military-style equipment to local law enforcement agencies

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President Barack Obama seems to be showing some distrust in local law enforcement agencies.

The president is going to ban the sale of some military-style equipment from federal agencies to be sold to local departments. All over criticism about the so-called militarized police response in Ferguson last summer.

In a speech in Camden New Jersey, President Obama said, "We've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there is an occupying force as opposed to a force that's part of the community, that's protecting them and serving them,"

The banned equipment includes bayonets (we hate to think how those would be used), grenade launchers, weaponized aircraft and tank-like armored vehicles that move on tracks.

It doesn't mean local agencies can't buy them, just not from any "federal" agency or or group using federal funds.

"Well, it won't have any affect here in Ft. Bend County because the items of equipment that he is placing on the prohibited list, we don't have," Sheriff Troy Nehls of Ft. Bend County commented.

"So, we're going to prohibit some of the equipment made for the battle field that is not appropriate for local police departments," added President Obama.

All this, after local agencies thought their departments would be fortified with equipment of the sort, in the wake of incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore.

"There needed to be some changes made in this program because I truly believe that there have been some misuses of some of this equipment," added Sheriff Nehls.

If it gets that bad, then wouldn't you want the military to take over anyway?