Are Houstonians scared of airbag explosions?

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Are you driving a killer car? You may have heard about those airbags in 34 million cars being recalled because they may malfunction, and potentially kill you rather than save your life.

Advil Josey says, "I think it was going on far too long, the fact that they've probably known about it for years, that people could have been hurt and damaged badly. That's a big concern yes."

Lynn Bahm said, "I would be concerned and I would like to check it out."

Takata, who manufactures the airbags that are known to explode and send shrapnel flying through cars, finally admitted that the airbags are defective.

Jarret Averett said, "I'm not real worried about it at this point, wait to see if my car is on the list."

Jill Sticha explained, "Absolutely, it could kill you, yes, I'm concerned about that."

If you're worried that your car may be on the recall list, be safe and check it out. Better safe than sorry.

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