Get ready for a wet weekend

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Grego talks about how Memorial Day Weekend is supposed to be a wet one, which means hurricane season is right around the corner.

"The topic may sound a bit uninteresting but when you get right down to it, everybody wants to know what`s up with the weather!!  Even more when we`re preparing for a three-day weekend!  Time to open up the beach house!!  Put the boat in the water, and play a few rounds of golf!!  Well, maybe fourth of July! Yeah, you might not wanna make too many outdoor Memorial Day plans because mucho rain is forecast. hey I know you don't wanna hear it but maybe if you're not surprised by a rain-out, you won't get as depressed. We`ve had a lot of rain so far this month. `Ol faithful, the Farmer`s Almanac predicted it. It also says June will have higher than normal temps and way below average precipitation, July will be fairly normal, and August will also be hot and dry. Maybe the rain we`re getting now will make the impending drought conditions less severe. Oh. and look out for September!!! Still warmer than normal but precipitation off the charts!!  Hmm, you thinking what I`m thinking?!  Yeah, we could be prime for at least one hurricane and maybe more!  So, now would be a good time to start getting that emergency supply kit stocked! Meteorologists say all of it is due to what may be one of the strongest El Ninos in two decades which will have the jetstream moving the air from west to east dipping way down south carrying moisture right across Texas and that`s about as technical as the law allows me to get!  Granted, this is Texas and who really knows what the weather is gonna do, but plan projects, parties and rain ponchos for this Memorial Day Weekend! Ahh, still beats working!"

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