16 reasons you should drink a beer every day

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Happy birthday to Mark Behrends of Nebraska City, Nebraska, who turned 110 last week. That makes him one of the oldest living men in America. Inevitably, there was a local news story focused on his "secret" to his long life. Mark says his secret is beer - specifically, a can of it every day at 3 p.m.

Before you start hemming and hawing, a beer a day really could keep the doctor away. How? Research reveals it can lower your heart risk, it helps boost your immune system and fight infections, it strengthens your bones, it aids problem-solving, it clears up your complexion, it cures insomnia, it speeds up digestion, it prevents cataracts, it reduces stress, it lowers your bad cholesterol, it makes you significantly less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it drops your risk of kidney stones or gallstones, it keeps muscles from deteriorating, it boosts your memory, it prevents blood clots and it rehydrates you after a workout better than water.

That's not even a complete list of beer's health benefits. But, a word of caution: those are all based on you having one or two beers a day. Drink much more than that and you’ll see the opposite effect. Cheers!

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