City of Houston found coliform bacteria in water

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HOUSTON, TX - There's nothing as refreshing as a glass of water.  But when you get a message from the City of Houston saying that a coliform bacteria was found in one of their seven drinking water systems… well, that news is hard to swallow.

According to the message, a routine testing in April uncovered an increase in naturally-occurring coliform bacteria, which is commonly an indicator of other pathogens present in the water.  But there's no need to worry or boil water and the city says they're taking care of the issue and everything is under control.

We contacted the Department of Public Works and Engineering for further inquiries and they provided us with a statement saying that this finding came out of a testing "that exceeds all state and federal requirements."  They also assure that "the water in all of our systems is safe to drink."   Crystal clear.   Let's drink to that.

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